Coach With Confidence


At CSI, we are all about making your coaching life easy. It’s about allowing you to do what you do best: help, advise, motivate, and coach. You don’t want to worry about finding clients, developing training programs, handling accounting, and other aspects of running a business. That’s what we do best.

And we set you up for success with our robust training program. We teach you how to add coaching skills to your existing real estate expertise. We give you a coaching structure, proven tools and templates, and back-office support. Even better, once you become a CSI Coach, we give you the clients as the exclusive coaching provider for Tom Ferry.

With CSI, you can start a lucrative coaching career without the stress of building a business – or figuring it out as you go.

What We Do

We turn you into a world-class coaching professional.

Coach with confidence after completing robust training designed specifically to accommodate working professionals like you.

We eliminate business headaches, freeing you to focus on impacting lives.

As an independent contractor, you receive a check each month for your coaching sessions along with a 1099 form at the end of the year.

We invest in your success and continuous improvement.

Our dedicated team helps you grow with encouragement, accountability, and ongoing development opportunities.

We match you with the right clients based on your skillset and expertise.

Our team matches you with clients who are looking for the specialized information that you have to give.

“I coach to help change lives and coaching for CSI has been one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Joe bowolick

Coach Joe

“I love having a front row seat to seeing agents’ dreams and goals come true!”

Lynn Beardslee Headshot

Coach Lynn

How It Works

​Coaching is a 1:1 experience and highly interactive.
​So, our assessment and onboarding process is built to ensure success for our coaches and our CSI coaching clients.


​Complete the form to help us understand more about your background and expertise.
Candidate Background


Provide additional information upon request for evaluation. Upon approval, interview with a member of the CSI leadership team to discuss your goals and our process.


If invited, join the next available cohort of potential coaches, and, during a seven-week process learn the foundation of coaching and the fundamentals of providing world-class coaching to Tom Ferry clients.

Ready to join the CSI Coaching family?

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