We’re pleased that you’re interested in learning about our coaching program. Below you will find answers to some of the more common questions from individuals interesting in launching a coaching career.

Coaching Clients Approach & Expectations

Who will my coaching clients be?

Your clients will be professionals from the real estate industry. Some may be individual agents seeking to grow their business while others may be leaders working to build a team.

As the exclusive coaching provider for Tom Ferry, coaching clients are individuals taking part in one of the services or memberships offered via Tom Ferry Certified Coaches.

How do I “coach with confidence”?

You start by completing our in-depth, specially-designed training program. Once you’ve successfully completed the training, you may be invited to join us as a coach. You won’t have to worry about ill-paired clients or not having the knowledge needed to help them – you will be trained to coach and paired with clients who are perfect for you.

What is the coaching format?

Our typical format for coaching involves 1:1 virtual coaching sessions. Depending on the Tom Ferry program the client has chosen, the frequency of coaching sessions varies.

What sort of time commitment is needed to coach? Can I do it part-time?

While coaching can be a part-time effort, we strongly encourage time-blocking and ensure each coach understands the time commitment necessary to be successful.  Coaching is not a “side hustle.”

How long does a typical client stay with a coach?

It varies. One of our key focus areas is to ensure that our CSI Coaches meet the growth needs of their clients. So, we plan for accountability and progress reviews to ensure high client satisfaction and excellent renewal rates.

Is there any traveling required?

There is no travel required to be a coach. However, we strongly encourage coaches to attend as many CSI and Tom Ferry events as feasible for their individual circumstances. This allows for the best connection with clients as well as increases the additional benefits of networking and professional development that come with being a CSI coach.

Can I decide my own schedule?

Yes. You are able to decide what kind of recurring call schedule works best for you.

Do I get to choose how many clients I want?

Yes. CSI has general guidelines that are outlined during training. However, we acknowledge and respect the fact that people have different schedules and varying personal and professional commitments. We want to make sure that you are set up for success by deciding your schedule and your capacity.

Training Program & Ongoing Education

Is training provided?

Yes. CSI offers a robust training program designed for working professionals that provides the tools necessary to succeed as a coach.

Additionally, CSI provides significant ongoing development opportunities throughout the year in the form of brainstorming, think tanks, topic-specific trainings, and masterminds.

Are there any costs associated with training?

There are no costs associated with training other than your time.

How many training sessions are conducted per year?

CSI offers multiple trainings throughout the year to allow busy real estate professionals to choose the session that works best for them and their schedule.

Still have questions?

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